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Best Road Side Assistance Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Road Side Assistance Services in Dubai  : Vehicle health and maintainance is most important for your safe journey. If you’re facing  a road emergency, dont worry about it. Fair Price Offer Road Side Assistance Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Sharjah for make your family tour more safe and secure. Our 24/7 Road Side Assistance Services are here to help. Fair Price Professional and Expert  committed to join you at your location in less than 30 minutes after your call. Our road assistance service vehicles are always ready for move on your location with multiple needed equipements i.e battery jump starter,flat tyres, feul delivery, accidental recovery, car recovery services and many other. Simply pick your phone and dial our emergency road assistance agent number +971521524024.

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road assistance Services in dubai

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Top Car Recovery Service in Dubai : We know that car breakdown are inevitable, regardless of how well maintained your car is. In an overheated vehicle, AC problems, problems with batteries, flat tires, and being stuck in sand or rocks dunes are common occurrences in the UAE’s landscape

A desert city, Dubai has one of the harshest conditions in the Middle East. Being an international business centre bustling with business, the city has the highest number of car owners within all Gulf countries. Since these vehicles are utilized daily to conduct business, personal luxury transportation and sports, having a reliable roadside assistance service provider for the recovery of your car Dubai is essential for your as well as your vehicle’s security

Now you don’t have to wait for your car to recover from the high mountains far away or even in the desert. With Fair Price Rental, we provide the best car recovery service in Dubai with the help of our skilled and professional team. You can get a quick and reliable vehicle recovery service just by sending us your location. We’ll promptly answer your inquiry and send an urgent car recovery Dubai team to get your car reunited with you. We adhere to the highest standards of technology in the process of recovering your vehicle returning it to you


If you’re looking for car recovery in Dubai near me, look no further FPR is here to assist you with the most affordable and top-notch services.

  • Our Services are Affordable: We provide top-quality services at very affordable rates. Contact us for recovery and get a quote.
  • Round-the-Clock: All night or daytime morning, evening or night, we never get bored of providing our customers with the best service.
  • Rapid Response: We have the highest response rate and the quickest turnaround time. We can help you escape the most challenging situations.
  • Rapid and Reliable Staff:
  • Members of our company are constantly on the lookout to assist you and offer you the most effective solutions.

Top Car Recovery Service in Dubai

Car Jump Start Service in Dubai

Car Jump Start Service in Dubai :Fair Price Car Jump Starter Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Sharjah. There can be several causes that can lead to a dead car battery. Just not turning off your headlights for an extended period will drain your battery. A parasitic drain that occurs when the battery in your car can still discharge power after the engine is shut down is an additional reason. Whatever the reason behind your battery’s demise, it’s identical. A sudden battery failure can result in missed appointments, cancellation of excursions, and stress

However, the good news is that most batteries that are dead can be replaced with new life through just a quick jumpstart. At Fair Price Rental, we offer an emergency car jump start service for customers across the UAE. We offer competitive market prices without hidden costs, unlike some companies. We’re open 24 hours a day, even on holidays, which means you won’t be left without a place to go. So next time you find yourself in a situation where your car refuses to start because of a battery failure, don’t panic — Dial FPR number for a fast and reliable jumpstart car battery service in Dubai. We have a team of trained and professional staff who knows exactly how to start your vehicle without damaging it. We aim to get you going with our jump start service in Dubai at an affordable price

Car Jump Start Service in Dubai


Just imagine you’ve forgotten to fuel your car because of busy schedules at work, school runs and long lines at the station, etc. Worry not; we’ve got a quick solution to this problem. Our team will be on-site with emergency fuel delivery in Dubai and help you get back on the road in no time. With our quick fuel transportation, we can provide fuel on-site, whatever you need, at any time you’d like, and consistently swiftly, so you don’t have to miss the next adventure. Our customers know that they can always count on our 24-hour emergency fuel delivery service in Dubai. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of service to all our loyal customers

If your vehicle is empty of fuel, do not worry about it because Fair Price Rental is always ready to assist you anytime and from any location. We provide an Emergency Fuel Delivery in Dubai. Roadside service can arrive at the spot and supply enough fuel to take the car to the closest gasoline station and filling station. FPR is the best firm to call if you require emergency roadside or vehicle recovery assistance. We offer both roadside assistance and towing and offers fuel delivery service in Dubai

Emergency Fuel Delivery in Dubai


Flat Tyre Repair in Dubai : Tyres are the only item directly into contact with the road when you drive your vehicle. If the tyres aren’t correctly aligned or maintained, they could cause physical injury on the outside layer, eventually resulting in a flat tyre. If you’re on an extended drive and then suddenly your car’s tyre begins to go flat, it could be extremely frustrating and challenging to deal with. Fair Price Rental can help you in such situations with our flat tyre repair Dubai services

Our expert automotive technicians will carefully inspect every tyre and verify that there aren’t any blisters or bulging, including cracks and cuts. If you choose to use one of our options, specialists will make sure that the tyres have been repaired, punctures are fixed, and any damages that could occur can be avoided. But, it is also dependent on the correct maintenance and driving techniques to preserve the tyre

There are many causes of car tyres becoming flat such as rough roads, reckless driving old tyres cracks or punctures in tyres. If you notice any worn or bulging area hanging from the tyre, then it’s ideal for getting the tire replaced or calls a car tyre puncture repair in Dubai. If you are driving through a path brimming with debris or stones, you’re more likely to get a flat tyre. It is recommended to examine the lifespan of your car’s tyres and maintain it in good condition as other parts of your vehicle

To get a cost-effective and efficient check-up of your vehicle’s tyres, call Fair Price Rental today. We provide mobile tyre fitting services in UAE and car tyre maintenance services. It is possible to schedule an appointment at any time, and our expert team will thoroughly examine it. We recommend our clients to purchase brand-name tyres to extend they can last longer on their car tyres will be longer than cheaper ones

Flat Tyre Repair in Dubai

Car Towing Services in Dubai