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    Did it tire you to experience hassles of hefty payments and maintenance dues? Are you exhausted seeking cost-effective, on-time, and comfortable bus rental services? Here’s your go-to place where anything is possible. Whether you want to cherish a long trip by bus, need a staff trip, or just hang out with a bunch of friends across the city, we are available to provide convenience and comfort for any kind of excursion or employee transportation services. We try our best to give a complacent, cozy, and relaxed atmosphere at the lowest possible cost.
    You can book our bus rental services without giving it a second thought and enjoy the unparalleled skyline, magnificent view of the boundless desert, and awe-inspiring cityscape of Dubai. You can’t only cherish the marvels of the Dubai city tour but also explore the sightseeing landscapes of Abu Dhabi as we are offering Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus services as well.

    Our Mission

    Fair price rental bus services aim at providing innovative, affordable, and includes transportation to the customers. Our mission includes

    • Reliable and trustworthy services
    • Environmentally sustainable and clean transportation
    • Highest level of security
    • Exceptional facilities of being-in-time.

    Our Vision

    Unparalleled customer loyalty, dedication, and, commitment are the hallmarks of our rental bus services. We have envisioned to lead our setup to grow more prosperous and committed in the years to come. We have envisaged the promotion of tourism from across Dubai to Abu Dhabi by our unwavering faithfulness, passion for perfection, and professionalism.

    Our Values

    Our team is astoundingly fabricated with the threads of core values that have helped them perform better not only at the team level but also on individual grounds. These values include:

    • Trustworthiness and high-quality performance
    • Respect, courtesy, and positivity
    • Sincerity and devotion
    • Enthusiasm

    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    1. What are the essential requirements to rent a car in Dubai?

    All renters must own a 6 months old driving license and must be over 22 years old.

    2. What's the minimum rental period?

    No matter if you’re looking for a budget or luxury car rental in Dubai the minimum rental period is 24 hours. Customers who are looking for a long-term solution can also get customized rent-a-car plans.

    3. Can I rent an automatic car in Dubai?

    Automatic cars can be rented in Dubai from most car rental companies. You might need to pay an extra fee to rent an automatic car, as manual transmission cars are more common.

    4 . Who must pay all parking fees?

    All customers must pay any parking charges during their rental period.

    5. Where can I rent a car in Dubai without a deposit?

    A security deposit is required in the UAE. This is primarily to avoid RTA traffic fines. Preauthorization blocks by your credit card are a good option if you don’t need a security deposit to rent a car. The amount is blocked and not transferred. After you return your rental car, the blocked amount will be automatically released after 21-30 days.

    6. Can I rent a car without a credit card?

    Yes, car rental companies will accept cash or debit card security deposits as well as car rental payments. A security deposit by credit card is recommended to be used as a preauthorization block. The bank will release it after 21 days.

    7. How can I rent a car in Dubai?

    You can contact any listed car rental company by WhatsApp or phone. Send us your request for a car. Present your documents.

    The cost of your rental period should be finalized. Delivery is often available at your convenience. That’s it!

    8. Is it possible to rent a car in Dubai with a new driving license?

    Please check with your car rental agent if you have a less than a six-month-old driving license. The requirements may vary due to the car’s insurance policy. These are available to new driver’s license holders for a higher security deposit amount. They have limited insurance coverage and are subject to higher excess fees. Others are only available for older license holders.

    A valid driving licence older than six months is required to rent a car.

    All cars can be rented with a valid driving license older than six months.

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