Labor Transportation

Dubai is the most gigantically growing labor market amongst middle east countries and is successfully sharing more than 50 percent of the labor working among all Gulf states. Keeping in view the magnitude of current growth and providing ease and convenience for the laborers, we are providing the largest fleets with experienced and of professional drivers. Fair price rental service is a well-known name for labor transportation and the outstanding standard is our trademark for both new and used buses. We offer a wide array of transportation solutions to our customers and satisfy their every possible need.

We are offering special services to those at construction sites and associated with the industrial sector. Ours is one of the most outstanding labor transportation services in the town and is committed to providing relaxing and convenient services for the laborers. Fair price rental bus service is the perfect choice for companies associated with construction and contraction purposes.

Following are a few of the trademarks of our labor transportation services:

Both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned fleets for Labor Transport.

  • Buses seaters’ range is from 12 to 80.
  • Strict measures for Covid-19 guidelines.
  • Stringent traffic protocols.

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