Hotel Staff Transportation

Fair price rental services are one of the leading staff transportation companies and rental solutions in Dubai for hotel staff transportation. We have an experienced and skilled team of professionals that work to the level of client satisfaction. We provide cab transport services for schools, hospitals, offices, cleaning companies, tourism staff, and media employees. We serve our customers with amazing hospitality and take care of all their needs.

Quality employee transportation service is vital to the success of any organization or company and we are here you provide efficient, quality, and passionate services all on a single platform. We ensure the safety and security of your employees and try our best to provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for all members of your team. We have a diverse range of vehicles with a different number of seats. You can choose any vehicle according to convenience and comfort.

We Have:

  • 13 seater buses
  • 20 seater buses
  • 25 seater buses
  • 30 seater buses
  • 34 seater buses
  • 50 seater buses
  • 60 seater buses
  • 84 seater buses

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