Mini Bus 30 Seat

Are you in search of a 30 seater minibus for rent in Dubai? We’ve got your back. Fair Price Rental provides luxury bus rentals Dubai with experienced drivers at an affordable cost. We offer customized services of high quality to meet the requirements of our customers. Enjoy your trip with our luxury buses and professional drivers. We at FPR are proud to provide our customers with the finest luxurious bus hire Dubai services. Our professional drivers ensure your safety because they are well-versed in all the routes and traffic delays.

We offer the most luxurious and comfortable 18 passenger minibus for rent. Our extensive range of buses includes:

  • Grand buses with 60 seat minibus
  • 48 seats
  • 36 seats minibus seats 24/30 AC
  • Non AC buses for our customers to select per their needs.

With staff transportation facility you can enhance your image and draw the best talent to your company. When job seekers apply or are considering an offer to work it is common for them to consider their travel options as well as their commute time as well as the distance between their workplace and home. With FPR you can provide transportation to employees. It’s likely that you’ll have top talent on board and build a positive image for your company.

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